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The Basics
« on: April 17, 2015, 04:40:03 pm »

Cold Turkey (otherwise known as the willpower method) is the name commonly used for quitting smoking abruptly, without using any aids such as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), Champix, e-cigarettes, etc.  Stopping in this manner ensures that the nicotine and other associated chemicals that have built up in our systems due to smoking deplete as rapidly as possible whilst also preventing the quitter from developing a dependency on any quit aid.

Despite the name, quitting Cold Turkey (CT) doesn’t mean that you have to fight your way through without any help whatsoever.  Should you choose to use this method then there are other forms of help available.  There are a wide range of quit books on the market and reading one of these can help address our mental dependency on smoking.  Every GP surgery has a smoking cessation specialist and signing up with them will give you someone to be accountable to as well as someone to call on for support.  Most surgeries also offer a stop smoking support group and sharing the experience with others going through the same thing can be a great help.  Should you not have access to a group due to your location or family commitments then using a forum such as this fulfils the same purpose.
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Re: The Basics
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Great post just quit. Thank you xx


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Re: The Basics
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2015, 02:12:59 am »
Cold Turkey is my original and preferred way of quitting although everyone has their best ways to suit the individual. With the Turkey don't let it be as daunting as it may sound, the first 2 days which I find are always the hardest with this form off quit, you really do have to be strong, don't get me wrong some sail though it some don't but don't forget it's a shock to the system that's used to doing the daily norm and it isn't getting any substitutes either as well so you may feel a bit of discomfort physically and mentally in the first stages even the first few weeks.

The first couple of days as the repair process starts in the early stages you may feel quite angry and snappy, very snappy but this eases too so it may be handy warn people close to you just in case as you never know. Me personally am prone to the common side effects that quitters get, I seem to get them all at once but be strong, don't be upset or even surprised if you all of a sudden get a cold, it's usually a mild, manageable cold that generally goes in a couple of days, mouth ulcers are another but they are also common in most forms of early quit stages, they can be annoying and irritable and there's usually more than one so don't panic, just be stronger.

Be prepared to be tired the first week too, your body isn't used to the repair stage and will be working overtime to get used to these new symptoms, after a week or so you generally slot back into your regular sleep pattern. Now we have the mad dream, it's common to have at least one ridiculous dream and you may find yourself waking up and thinking OMG! Why oh why did I just dream about that, trust me it's normal and you haven't ate too much cheese before bed, quite often it's like being on the weird side of You Tube where there's plenty of unexplained occurrences, like my daily thinking i suppose :D

They are the bare basics, as said people are different on quits and the reactions vary but you'll never be the only one to have these type of symptoms, post them if you do, they can be quite funny to look back on when you rise form the ashtray and there's always support too.
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