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Registration Agreement

Terms and Conditions

The forum provides its services subject to the following terms and conditions.  These will be updated from time to time and it is each user’s responsibility to ensure they review and agree with the current terms of service.  Once a user registers with the forum, they indicate that they accept these terms and conditions.  Their continued use of the forum indicates that they are aware of and agree with any revisions.

1.  Conditions of Use
Users aged under 16 years are welcome with the permission of their parent/guardian.  Whilst recommends that material published on the site is suitable for general publishing, it cannot guarantee that all material will be suitable for those under 18 and therefore parental guidance is recommended.

2.  Personal Details
Users are strongly advised not to post identifiable personal details about themselves and must not post identifiable personal details in respect of others. cannot be held responsible for any consequences that may arise from the posting of personal information.  Users must take the appropriate steps to ensure they do not put themselves at risk.  For further advice on internet safety and security see

3.  Content reserves the right to edit or remove content from the forum.  A breach of the Terms and Conditions and/or User Guidelines will result in a warning and/or a permanent removal from the forum. is not liable for any content posted on the forum and users are legally responsible for their posts.

Users must not:
•   Publish, post, upload, distribute or disseminate any inappropriate, indecent, profane, derogatory, seditious, sexually-oriented, illegal or vulgar material, information or topic.
•   Upload or download files that breach UK copyright laws.
•   Upload files containing malware or spyware, corrupted files, viruses or any other similar software that might damage the forum and/or another user’s computer.
•   Advertise or sell goods or information for commercial purposes, either directly or indirectly.
•   Submit spam posts.
•   Solicit or ask for practical help from other forum users, such as money, accommodation or other services.
•   Threaten, abuse, harass, insult or violate the legal rights of another user.
•   Use the forum to stalk another user.
•   Reference another user’s personality or standing within the community in a negative context.
•   Engage in disagreements, disputes or arguments of a personal nature.
•   Knowingly publish false information, including personal, copyright, accusatory or legal information.
•   Create multiple accounts or post under the account of another user.
•   Act in a way that restricts other users from accessing and utilising the forum or act in a way that prevents users enjoying the forum.
•   Prove or disprove concerns relating to statutory agencies (including the police and government) orchestrating criminal activity.

Users are reminded to:
•   Treat other users with respect and as they themselves would like to be treated.
•   Respect other users’ privacy.
•   Respect other users’ experiences and not to invalidate them.
•   Respect other users’ experiences of the forum.

We request that users refrain from discussing sexual acts using graphic detail or language.

4.  Advice aims to provide a supportive community for those quitting smoking to discuss experiences and anecdotal advice.  While users are welcome to make suggestions, respects the autonomy and individuality of each user and their situation and does not support a ‘one fits all’ solution.  Users are reminded to seek independent medical advice where appropriate. reserves the right to edit or remove posts that offer misinformation or advice to other users.

5.  Security
Users are responsible for their own security while using the forum.  We advise users to ensure their anti-virus software is up to date, to create a separate email address to register with the forum and to create a screen name that doesn’t contain identifying information.  We strongly advise users not to share contact details with other forum members and to take appropriate internet safety precautions. is not responsible for any breaches in security that may cause harm or damage either to users’ computers or their persons as a result of using the forum.

6.  Moderation reserves the right to issue warnings to or remove users from the forum who break the Terms and Conditions and/or User Guidelines and to remove or edit other users’ posts.  Forum moderators operate under a confidentiality policy but reserve the right to break confidentiality under certain conditions (see 7 below).  Users can contact the forum staff if they feel an unfair moderation has taken place, however, once their case has been reviewed, the Administrator’s decision is final.

7.  Confidentiality maintains a confidential service.  However, it will be necessary for to consider breaking confidentiality if we perceive a risk of harm to a user or another person and safeguarding procedures warrant such action.  Instances in which we would consider breaking confidentiality include but are not limited to:

If the user or a third party is at high and immediate risk of serious physical harm or death, including suicide or self-harm.
If we receive information that a child is currently being abused or neglected.
If we receive a court order to do so.
If we are instructed to by the police (if they issue a warrant to us).
If we receive information about terrorist activities or a bomb threat.

Users are reminded that although some boards are closed (ie members must register to be able to view them) they are still in the public domain.  Therefore users should exercise caution in their conduct and in sharing information about themselves, their families and their friends with other users on the forum.

8.  Registration
All users must agree to the Terms and Conditions before registering with the forum.  These have been created to protect the safety of users and staff and must be adhered to at all times.  Users who do not adhere to the Terms and Conditions and/or User Guidelines will be warned and/or removed from the forum.  Users are considered to have indicated their acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by virtue of their registration and their continued use of the forum will be taken as an implicit agreement of future updates to the Terms and Conditions.  It is the responsibility of all users to stay aware of updates to the forum’s Terms and Conditions. will display updates to the Terms and Conditions but will not be responsible for contacting individual users.

9.  Misuse of the Forum operates a strict removal policy and we reserve the right to remove user accounts without warning where misuse of the forum and non-adherence to the Terms and Conditions and User Guidelines warrants such action.  Users are therefore requested to familiarise themselves with these Terms and Conditions and User Guidelines before posting.  Offences including, but not limited to, threatening other users, using obscene language or creating false accounts will result in removal.  Other less serious breaches will result in a warning and, upon further offences, may lead to a removal.  If users are unsure whether their post would constitute a breach of the Terms and Conditions and/or User Guidelines they should contact a moderator or the Administrator for more information before submitting their post.

10. Reporting Misuse or Abuse
Users who witness other users being abusive, misusing the forum or acting in a suspicious manner will be able to report this to moderating staff.  All reports will be taken seriously and investigated.  While reporting suspicious activity is important to the safety of the forum, investigating reports does take time and users are requested to provide any evidence they may have that another user has broken the Terms and Conditions and/or User Guidelines in order to assist these inquiries.

11. Data collects data when members register.  All individual data is confidential in line with the confidentiality policy (see 7 above).  We do not share individual data with third parties.  Users have the right to request information about their data in writing under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998.  The Administrator will maintain a record of all users who are removed for misusing the forum for six months after the event.

12. Jurisdiction is within the legal jurisdiction of England and Wales.

Disclaimer is not responsible for any user-generated content on the site.  Although advice may be given by users with the best of intentions, it may not always be correct.  This particularly applies but is not limited to any advice of a medical or legal nature and any such advice given on this form should be considered as the personal opinion of the user only, not as a substitute for obtaining advice from an independent medical or legal professional.

We have measures in place to create a safe environment in this forum.  However, each user’s safety is their own responsibility and is not responsible for the well-being of users.  Users access this forum at their own risk and is not liable for any damage (direct or indirect) or loss of data that may arise from the following:

•   The use and performance of the website (including delays or inaccessibility caused by technical issues).
•   Advice obtaining through the forum, including links to external sites.
•   Any user-generated content (including posts, messages, graphics or user names).
•   Any opinions expressed by users on the site.
•   Any breaches in the Terms and Conditions and/or User Guidelines by other users.
•   Accounts created using false or inaccurate information and/or accounts created for malicious use or for a purpose other than that which is within the remit of the forum.
•   Requests for emergency assistance. cannot respond to emergency situations and users in immediate danger should call 999 (UK).

The views expressed on this forum are those of users and not  Users are legally responsible for the content they post and and its associates are not liable for inappropriate content or any that contravenes the laws of England and Wales.

User Guidelines

The forum is designed to create a safe and supportive community where users can talk about their experiences, seek support from and offer the same to other users in relation to quitting smoking.  These policies have been created to facilitate a safe environment for both users and staff members.  We want this to be a welcoming, friendly and inclusive site and, as such, personal attacks and inflammatory behaviour will not be tolerated in any area of the site.

Content that contains racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted, pornographic or otherwise offensive material will be removed.  Whilst discussion of certain social and/or political issues may legitimately use sensitive or potentially offensive terms, outside of those limited contexts the use of such terms is not allowed on this site.

We expect that you will show respect and sensitivity to the beliefs and views of all users.  Comments we believe to be rude, profane, deliberately antagonising or disruptive, or which constitute a personal attack will lead to a warning and may result in the involved member(s) being suspended or banned immediately.

Advertising links and direct advertising are not allowed and such posts and/or links will be removed.

Be kind to each other and play nicely.