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Can you quit easier.
« on: May 29, 2015, 05:05:47 pm »

I found the whole process of quitting hard but yet some people find it easy, I always use to say to myself they are lying nobody can find this easy!?

BUT do they really. Mindset is important, positive thinking can help but personally I tried to be positive everyday but still struggled. You may have heard of the Light bulb moment, the moment when you see this smoking illusion for what it is.

Unfortunately I have had false dawns with this, euphoric moments, were I would think yes this is it, and then it goes again too many times. I can still see smoking for what it is but I still want one every so often.

So how do people get there minds to click. Their is a theory that instead of being addicted to nicotine like the pharmaceutical companies would like you to believe, and they make enough money from selling the NRT over the counter and on prescription too and have you also notice that their is such negative stats quoted on there site, that you will fail if you go cold turkey. Some people see this addiction as more of a habit, it's not the nicotine we crave it's the cigarette it's self.

I can see a lot of sense in both way's myself  and i suppose whatever way works for you is great. One thing i do know is the subconscious is very strong and if you don't truly believe in something you will struggle more, you can not blag your subconscious mind!

Knowledge is definitely power, learn about this addiction. Before you quit keep a journal of your smoking, see which cigarettes that you want to smoke because you enjoy them and see how many you smoke because you need to feed your habit. If you know your smoking habits, when you do quit and go through a sticky patch you will understand more of why you are struggling.

You have to want to do this, if from day one you can say to yourself, not that you are quitting, that you don't smoke anymore, it's your choice and you choose to be a non smoker from that day. When you truly let go it will be easier for you, if you want to look at it as quitting something you are subconsciously making it harder for yourself.

It not easy to begin with, but your body has to heal, once everything settles down a bit it really is just in the mind and how you see it.
Work on your mind and hopefully you get a better quit.

I thought I would add this part to show you what I mean about the medical profession pushing NRT on us. This is my personal story: About two months into my quit I started suffering with anxiety and insomnia issues I spoke to these guys first and asked for an opinion which they give me. I went and visited my GP in the afternoon and they suggested Nicotine Gum and use Karlms. Karlms I did try and some other herbal items subjected by these guys'. Now I not recommending ignore your doctor but nicotine was completely out of my system by that time, so logically unless my quit was in any real danger it would be going backwards, but they pushed on to me. I actually still have the box at home unopened.

Five months in I went in again to talk about my depression and anxiety that was still causing concern, I then got offered patches which I flatly refused! Now bearing mind not once had i asked for any quit aids. To me it just shows how awful some of the profession are, why would I want to put a steady stream of nicotine in my system after fighting through my quit for so long. If I hadn't had the information and help from people that truly understand how this work. With my experience and I'm not saying everyone's experience will be the same, I have no doubt that I would be smoking again. So I have been asking myself WHY?! Why do they want you to have NRT so badly.....

So maybe their is something in the fact that we are being made to think that we need all this stuff for revenue. Maybe as we know with our subconscious, maybe the fact we think quitting is going to be bad, that that is what happens. While all the physical issues get sorted fairly early on, it could be us ourselves that are prolonging this by making ourselves believe this is harder than it is!

Just a thought.
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Re: Can you quit easier.
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2015, 07:34:15 pm »
Thoughtful post,Hayley  ;)
I found my quit to be quite easy,I never,ever struggled,I can genuinely say that and yet I had tried and failed many times in the years preceding my successful quit. I think that is because I decided from the moment I started my quit this time,that there was not going to be any choice but to succeed.Smoking had 'ceased to be an option'
As well as being not necessarily hard to do,quitting can even be FUN,why should it NOT be fun? You are doing a huge service to yourself and your loved ones,and being paid to do it,paid by the amount you save every week which could be easily 50 or 60 pounds a week. I would say that is a good reason to think of quitting as fun  :) :)
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Re: Can you quit easier.
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2015, 10:30:51 pm »
I not sure I would go so far as to call it fun  :vader: :vader: Mind you, you lot have made this a better experience undoubtedly and i thankyou all for that! When I started I thought it was going to end the same way all my quit had before. Most of them I really did want to quit but then slowly I would bring up excuse's and then it would be i will quit tomorrow and then i will cut down, i will put less tobacco in my rolles. Knowing that i hated smoking, but their was the odd couple i would miss.
I never thought i would do it i never thought i would enjoy being free and not smoking, i loved smoking i smoked 30 a day! Could be more, i was in complete denial about how much i smoked. If i went to the doctors and he ask the dreaded question DO YOU SMOKE i would never look at him when i said yes but when he asked how many i would say only 10 a day, i was ashamed, so i hated smoking i was ashamed of smoking, i hated my kids being around me when i smoked and going out in the freezing cold. The list is endless yet still i smoked.

I can't honestly say what happened this time have tried quitting so many different ways, when i did manage a couple of long term quits i fell for the just one, i still could i know that. To me the support of everyone here a place to moan away but also celebrate really helped but i also feel more confident in me staying quit this time, as I'm more equipped to deal with this, i know 1 will hurt! I see that most of the cigarettes you smoke is just feeding our habit. I'm happier and stress free, to a point now. I never expected this and i urge all who read this that are just starting out or are in a difficult patch. It really is worth it, their is so much more an you realise to stopping smoking. Just keep plodding along and you will get there!
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Re: Can you quit easier.
« Reply #3 on: May 30, 2015, 10:21:42 am »
Interesting and thought-provoking thread this- thanks TG and Max.  :)

Re the NRT issue, I know that personally I wouldn't have succeeded without it. Patches and lozenges were a vital crutch for me for the first 6 weeks or so though I was determined to wean myself off and fly solo as soon as I felt it was safe to do so. That point, of course, can vary dramatically from quitter to quitter and there's no shame in my view in continuing to use NRT for as long as it feels necessary to do so. Whatever it takes to maintain your quit is the Right Answer as far as I am concerned.

Having said that, pushing NRT onto someone who is already flying solo is just plain daft. I was (again) very lucky in that I had the Smoking Cessation Nurse from Heaven to help and advise me (I can't praise her highly enough) but it really is a postcode lottery unfortunately.
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Re: Can you quit easier.
« Reply #4 on: June 07, 2017, 10:31:53 pm »
TY, interesting and useful post)
I am using patches and i feel much better now.))
I recomend these. Really)


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Re: Can you quit easier.
« Reply #5 on: June 07, 2017, 10:33:28 pm »
Read your MP's @maxpolsfuss

KK ;)

Ps I can delete quicker than you can post, trust me, I know stuff
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