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Author Topic: Back to month 3 again  (Read 1231 times)


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Back to month 3 again
« on: August 31, 2020, 05:23:05 pm »
Posting this a day early because I have a busy couple of days coming up.

So once again I am back to month 3.  The post below this was the last post made in this room and was also by me.  I could look at it as ‘omg, I’m back here again’ but I choose to see it as never giving up. 

So I’m still using the vape and still at maximum strength but it is so much better than the alternative.  I’m not trying to force anything this time and will step down only when I am good and ready.  I’m trying to look at my past attempts as preparation for this time, and making sure it is my last time stopping.  I still have cravings but the vape really helps with them.  And they aren’t as bad as what I have had before.  I am still switching my mindset from a smoker to a vaper and, more often than not, I think about having a vape rather than needing a smoke.

Big lesson from the past is to stay on my guard and not to take it for granted.  I am determined to make it this time and refuse to give I because I want to be healthier and happier.