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Author Topic: The Just Quit Book of Records  (Read 1896 times)


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The Just Quit Book of Records
« on: October 03, 2018, 10:14:25 pm »
I'm being a curious creature (I learned it from @Lostie) because @Skiddaw has been climbing again. I am wondering which Just Quit members hold the records for:

1. How high have you climbed?
2. Highest you have ever been in km/miles?
3. How low you have been in km/m (not depression - that would be a depressing award to win)?
4. How far East you have been from home?
5. How far West you have been from home?
6. How far South you have been?
7. How far North you have been?
8. Furthest you have ever walked/run?
9. Furthest you have ever cycled?
10. Any other achievement that you think deserves to be in the Just Quit Book of Records.
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