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Author Topic: Here is a reason to quit!!  (Read 2629 times)


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Re: Here is a reason to quit!!
« Reply #15 on: February 07, 2018, 12:11:21 am »
So sorry i have not been around much, i just have not been well. You know at the moment i have a gum infection with like pus coming out and profuse bleeding, my dentist says this is because I packed up smoking and my gums are starting to recover and breathe Really?!!! :-[

I am still coughing up so much yukk i find it obsurd to even think how much horrid stuff is still inside me, I am so so glad i have given up. I do not even wish to be downwind from one now!!!

@tea, no, i was diagnosed some 3-4 years ago, it seems to be a parting gift from my late ..well, her anyway, i am still not back to normal since the ketacidosis though the bizarre plasticine tastes inside my mouth could be because of what is going on right now, gosh, i just so feel like i am falling to pieces and it all started with ditching the cigs.

Some days i honestly do think, what if i had not have bothered and carried on smoking, well, i still remember my anxiety and being unable to sleep because i could hear my lungs whistling and wheezing whilst i tried to get to sleep, almost as if they were crying and saying, please help! But everything said and done, i just don't wish for one...!
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Re: Here is a reason to quit!!
« Reply #16 on: February 07, 2018, 08:08:43 am »
Oh no @Millie so sorry to hear about the gum infection (I had bleeding gums on a previous quit - not yet this time though), I have read that can be an issue.  There are some awful side effects initially, but they go away and the benefits will outweigh any discomfort long term.  You will notice once gums are healed they are really quite soft and feel much better.

Well done on still not smoking  007
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Re: Here is a reason to quit!!
« Reply #17 on: February 07, 2018, 11:34:29 am »
Poor @Millie ... sorry you're going through the mill at the moment...  :hug: :hug:

My MIL (sadly now deceased) finally quit smoking at the grand age of 85 (she lived to be well over 90 and had smoked all her adult life) and I always remember her saying that it would have been a whole lot easier if someone had told her she'd feel worse before she felt better. It's SO true- no matter what the benefits to quitting are in the long term, in the short term you feel like pants. If it isn't bleeding gums or weird skin problems its Quitters Flu, or anxiety, or feeling light headed, or being unable to concentrate or sleep disturbance. Hard though it is, you just have to hang on in there and remember that (a) it really does pass (and soon) and when it does, you'll feel like a million dollars, and (b) if you can stick with it, you never, ever, ever have to go through it again.

Hope you feel a whole lot better soon  007 007
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Re: Here is a reason to quit!!
« Reply #18 on: February 07, 2018, 02:05:27 pm »
Sorry to hear you are feeling so rough Millie

Just keep reminding yourself that side effects from quitting smoking are just your body going through the healing process and definitely wont kill you whereas smoking will eventually kill you 
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