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Author Topic: To Avoid or Not To Avoid?: That is the Question.  (Read 11413 times)


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To Avoid or Not To Avoid?: That is the Question.
« on: April 24, 2015, 05:37:53 pm »
When I quit smoking I had been quit for just over a week and was just feeling better after a throat infection when I had to spend a day with an old smoking buddy. Ok, she's not old, but she was one of my old smoking corner colleagues from work; we'd smoked together for 5 years. She chain smokes B&H silvers and she smokes about 30 a day but only admits to 20. I was apprehensive. Anyway I did it and I noticed her fidgeting and you could see her anxiety when she wanted a cigarette....every 30 minutes!! She said she'd wait for my outside at some point, whilst scrabbling in her bag for a lighter and I said, I'm coming wait 2 minutes and I'll come with you, but she couldn't/wouldn't wait. She said that she felt bad smoking when I wasn't and I said don't worry about it.

Look, it sounds bad but I could smell it and it stank and she looked like a shambling wreck trying to manage her addiction and I didn't want to be like that again.

On another night out in the penthouse champagne suite, I did want to see the view but I was proud to say I don't smoke anymore when I was asked did I want to go for one out on the roof at 9pm. It's cold and windy out there and it spoils the ambiance if it's all smokey. I was fine.

At work I didn't want to miss out on the chat and a break so I went out with the smokers and they would do that "oh but you've quit, you don't want to get all smokey" and then move along like on I would just keep tagging along like a kitten.

My other half smokes, but he's not usually a heavy smoker (maximum of 10 a day) and I'm fine whilst he has one. I don't mind the smell of one or two, I even quite like it mingled with his aftershave. Plus, it means that the wafting smell of Eau De Cigarette doesn't have a big pull for me because it's not something that brings back memories for me. I'm wondering whether my not avoiding smokers through my quit from the start has perhaps helped me. What do you think? Did you avoid smokers on purpose?
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Re: To Avoid or Not To Avoid?: That is the Question.
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2015, 06:53:32 pm »
Personally I couldn't avoid as my OH smokes and most of my friends smoked and work colleagues, so I had to get use to it very quickly. I didn't drink for 5weeks when I gave up smoking because that would have been hard.
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Re: To Avoid or Not To Avoid?: That is the Question.
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2015, 08:07:50 am »
I didn't make a special effort to avoid smokers.  In fact when I am at work, I still sometimes go out for a non-smoking break with my smoker friend.  It didn't take me long to realise, it wasn't a cigarette I needed but to take 5 minutes away from my desk. The smell of somebody smoking near to me isn't a problem.  What I notice more & more is the amount of people who smell of stale smoke which is horribly unpleasant, I commute 35 miles into London using train & tube and can smell any smokers in the same carriage.  I am so ashamed despite my best efforts of polo mints & perfume that smelly person six months ago would have been me. 

Like Lucy Lou I avoided alcohol for the first few weeks but I so rarely drink that it wasn't a problem for me.
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Re: To Avoid or Not To Avoid?: That is the Question.
« Reply #3 on: April 25, 2015, 05:09:47 pm »
I'm with the avoiding alcohol school of thought. I know I would have folded if I had put away a skinful in those early weeks so (with very few exceptions) I went on the wagon for the best part of 6 months in the end.

I didn't consciously avoid smokers and I didn't find it a problem. Still don't.
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Re: To Avoid or Not To Avoid?: That is the Question.
« Reply #4 on: April 25, 2015, 05:36:55 pm »
I didn't consciously avoid smokers during the first year of trying to quit, neither did I try and reduce the alcohol intake.
Couldn't cope with abstaining from both - when I decided to quit smoking, that's all I concentrated on.

This quit was quite easy, I'm ashamed to admit. I had numerous failed attempts to my name but that was because, deep down,  I didn't really want to quit.

Once it was clear in my mind what I wanted and needed to do - the rest just followed.

My other half still smokes today and there are cigarettes in the house at all times - never have been tempted as my resolute is absolute - not to smoke again! (although she is considerate and never smokes in the house or left cigarettes lying around for the first few months).

I'm sure everyone will have different experiences - but that's mine.

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Re: To Avoid or Not To Avoid?: That is the Question.
« Reply #5 on: December 10, 2017, 12:43:32 pm »
Love this post by @Finally! It really resonates with me and my quit. 
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