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Author Topic: Write a break up letter  (Read 2066 times)


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Write a break up letter
« on: May 17, 2016, 07:52:31 pm »

Do you feel like you have a “relationship” with your cigarettes?
 A lot of people do. It is common to describe cigarettes this way:

•They’re my little buddy, always with me on my breaks. Always dependable.

•I can always call on them, when I’m bored and alone, and they’ll be there to help me pass the time.

•Cigarettes have been a part of my life since before my kids were born. They were a part of my life before I even met my partner.

•They help calm my nerves when I’m upset. That’s what a friend is for.

As you can see, your association with cigarettes runs very deep. But deep down, you do realize that this is a bad relationship. Bad relationships are not easy to end, especially long-standing ones. They are complicated. But it can be done, and people are almost always better off in the long run, despite the difficult period associated with a break-up.

Writing a letter to your cigarettes is a good way of moving on, and starting the next chapter of your life. Some thing like this.

Dear cigarettes,

I know you realize that my family hates you. They have always disapproved of you. My friends and co-workers have often been annoyed by you. I would have to sneak around with you just to have our time together. But this is no longer about them. This is about me.

All of these years, you’ve been with me. Some of my fondest memories include you. But you have also ruined so many things for me
• my health
• my relationships
• my clothes
•  my car
• my furniture

I could name more......

I want my independence. I have never had anyone pressure me the way you do. I’ve never felt manipulated, controlled, by anyone as I do by you. How many times was I determined to spend some time without you, and you would nag me, and nag me, and nag me? And you did this to me at my most vulnerable moments, never leaving me alone no matter how many times I would ask you to. Eventually I would give in.

No more. You are toxic and dispite all the years between us, this relationship is over.

Goodbye forever.

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Re: Write a break up letter
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2016, 06:00:02 pm »
Dear Cigarettes,

I don't love you no more and you are a parasitical life sucking leech so I've buggered off before you ruin me forever.

Lots of love hate..


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