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Author Topic: My Cold Turkey Quit  (Read 3685 times)


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My Cold Turkey Quit
« on: March 27, 2015, 09:19:15 pm »
I sometimes think that I have had an easy ride with my quit compared to other people when I hear their stories, but I suppose when I look back it wasn't always charmed. I quit as a knee-jerk reaction one day because I was fed up of how much everything was costing and having to make compromises..........yes, it was that daft, so I just refused to buy any more cigarettes. I was fine for 24 hours or so, distracted myself a little bit with some jumping jacks when I had a craving and just got on with it and I had a lovely dinner planned as a treat, but it tasted horrible when I tried to eat it. Next day the same, everything I ate or drank tasted horrible. Then the next day........until I asked for help:

  • "I'm on day 4 of a cold turkey quit that was a spur of the moment decision. I haven't found it too bad in terms of cravings, which has surprised me. But what has really upset me is that I'm making meals that I'm looking forward to and usually like and then am unable to manage more than a few mouthfuls because it doesn't taste nice. I'm 98% certain it's not my cooking. I have never ended up crying into my food before.

    On Saturday it was oven chips, Sunday it was roast potatoes and yesterday it was macaroni cheese. I've also tried Granny Smith apple, chocolate, tortilla chips, tomato, biscuits and my response was that they tasted yuck too. I've lost my appetite now pretty much altogether and to be honest it was never that great when I was smoking, I would usually only snack on fruit and veggies during the day and then eat an evening meal that I would look forward to and it always tasted good before.

    Oddly, coffee is currently a 'yuck' but tea tastes fine. Is tea too sacred to be sabotaged? Is this just psychosomatic?"

Everybody told me that it was fine, that quitting was really good and that it was tastebuds changing/growing back.......I don't think that I had properly explained that everything I ate tasted of cack and was absolutely so vile I may as well have been putting raw sewage in my mouth. I went to a doctors and found out that I had a throat infection; it was really nasty and took a good week to get better after that.

Then my daughter made me a bright yellow star chart and stuck it on the fridge and I got a gold star for each day that I passed the "sniff test" (she could smell that I hadn't smoked!). At the end of Week 1 we went to get something from the Chemist and my 8 year old signed me up with the Smoking Cessation Advisor; she was right to, I went for a couple of weeks and although I wasn't having NRT, I was blowing the machine and getting a 2 (I work in a city, trust me 2 is good!) so I could see that I was doing well.

When I got to the end of each week I got a treat - at the end of Week 1 we had a brunch and I had flowers and wine, at the end of Week 3 I was having some posh scented candles and some new tunes to fill the gaps in the morning when I used to just hold a cigarette for 10 minutes or so whilst having a coffee (I didn't really smoke it! It was mostly just held!). That's when Max told me that "Good point on time saved; 20 fags a day 5 minutes each equals 100 minutes,that's getting on for 2 hours saved-in a waking day of say 16 hours,8 hours asleep, that is an extra 12-13% of time added to the time you have in a day to do good stuff"......well I was a Time Lord and I suddenly had this time to fill! Wow! So in Week 4 I planted some bulbs that cost the same as just 10 cigarettes would and knew that I would reap the benefits when I got to 6 months.

I had a couple of horrid smoking dreams after a month. Woke up feeling like I'd smoked and I thought I could actually taste and smell it. But the worst bit came after 2 months when I had this weird feeling in my throat and I couldn't make it go away; it felt like I had smoked and it was just awful. It felt like someone had scrubbed a patch of my esophagus with a brillo pad or wire wool. :

"I have had that feeling in the back of my throat for 2 days or so now and I've been trying to ignore it and make it go away. I don't know if it's the same 'back of the throat craving' that was being talked about last week, but it's almost like the feeling I would have after a cigarette (or 2). It's that same feeling I have after a smoking dream, I can almost taste it. It's there with every breath!

It's not my tonsils (it doesn't hurt), I don't have a cough or any other symptoms. The throat anaesthetic does nothing to it, (not that it hurts) cough medicine does nothing to it, delicious hot beverages do nothing to it, even Tom Yum and Tom Kha don't work.

It's so frustrating. How do I make it go away?"

Cough syrup and throat medicines just seemed to make it sting. But Carol suggested Fisherman's Friends and I have to say that they were disgusting, but boy they worked!! That taste was so distracting and strong that it sorted it right out!! This is now forever known as my Greek Monster incident because it was when my cilia were growing back and my body was struggling to get my juiciness levels right - some people are too juicy, but I was a little bit too dry  :-[

I learned to knit whilst my daughter was ill after 2 months of not smoking and by 100 days I had finished most of my patchwork blanket. Knitting kept my hands busy when I was watching the TV and for the cost of about 30 cigarettes I bought all of the pins and wool that made a double size patchwork blanket I will always think of fondly. Then when the weather got better my little bits of exercise that I had used to distract me from cravings and entertain me in commercial breaks turned into going for a run in the secret park and running a few miles every other day! I didn't want to be a little picker with bigger knickers, but I'm such a fidget that I don't think quitting smoking has put more junk in the trunk!  :o

I am much calmer now that I don't smoke. I told myself that I couldn't smoke what I didn't buy and that I wasn't going to be controlled by a 3 inch tube of paper stuffed with dead leaves; it worked. When I smoked I used to worry about how many I had (cigarette math), how many I could have before needing to buy more, when I could go to a shop, which shop would I be able to go to, would they have my brand, how much would they cost, did I have cash, did I have a working lighter, when could I have a cigarette break, would this meeting go on much longer because I really wanted to smoke (I did used to use lozenges sometimes in bad meetings or on journeys) and sometimes what would I have to go without if I was going to have cigarettes. I don't have that stress any more......I don't miss it either. I'm in control now, I don't let the dead leaves control me anymore.  ::) ;D

12.9.2014  (I forget sometimes)
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Re: My Cold Turkey Quit
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2015, 09:31:21 pm »
Super post thanks for sharing x
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Re: My Cold Turkey Quit
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2015, 09:57:21 pm »
Brilliant post Tea, proud of you. You have been amazing in your journey!!!

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Re: My Cold Turkey Quit
« Reply #3 on: March 28, 2015, 03:46:00 am »
Hi Tea,
Just love the way your daughter did the snif test and the stars.  She is great and so are you to also celebrate together.

And you reminded me of those awful dreams.  I did wake up crying sometime because I just could not know if I had smoked or not.  That little devil nic was working overtime.

Thank you Tea,


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Re: My Cold Turkey Quit
« Reply #4 on: March 28, 2015, 10:09:17 am »
Tea, may I fourth what a wonderful and inspiring post? I don't think there is a potential quitter in the universe who could read that and not take something special from it. You've encapsulated those early days so well, along with the increasing sense of freedom and joy as the days turned into weeks and then months.  :)

Thank you so much for sharing (and for continuing to share your journey with us  :D).
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Re: My Cold Turkey Quit
« Reply #5 on: March 28, 2015, 10:37:21 am »
Great quit journey Tea I really enjoyed reading it xxx


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Re: My Cold Turkey Quit
« Reply #6 on: April 02, 2015, 06:41:29 pm »
What a brilliant post Tea